Our vision


A more active and fulfilled life for everyone living with dementia.

group walking through the woods
Man with dementia being helped to steer a sail boat


Supporting people with dementia to get outdoors and experience the benefits of nature.



We look at what is possible, rather than what isn’t. We encourage ‘positive-risk’ taking that enables people with dementia to connect to nature for enjoyment and for their health and wellbeing.


We put the individual first, not the condition. We listen and take time to understand what life is like for others. We will work with you to find solutions tailored to your circumstances.


We enable people to connect to the benefits of nature, themselves and their community. To enjoy passions, dreams and interests, and reduce isolation and loneliness.


We inform, inspire, and equip you to take action that suits your own circumstances. We work with you, supporting you to make the right choices.


We believe support should be available for everyone living with dementia, and those who support them, regardless of gender, race, religion, ability or socio-economic status.

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