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John Carter

Travel Journalist & Presenter and Dementia Adventure Ambassador

John Carter is one of the UK’s best known travel journalists and presenters, having worked for nearly thirty years on programmes such as ITV’s Wish You Were Here…? and the BBC’s Holiday. He has travelled the world for over half a century on behalf of newspapers, magazines, radio and television programmes.

Having been involved with the Family Holiday Association for some years, and appreciating the need for respite breaks, he is now supporting Dementia Adventure to raise awareness of the impact of our work and why it is so important for people living with dementia and their families to get a break.

John Carter

Through my involvement in a travel industry charity I learned the difference between 'wanting' a holiday and 'needing' one. And that those who need are all too often those who can’t have. The health and welfare benefits of a holiday are recognised now, as they never were in the early days. I’m glad of that, and glad, too, that there are people around who take joy from helping those who 'need'.

I'm delighted to be supporting Dementia Adventure who make getting a break a reality for so many families and demonstrate that just about anything is possible with determination and the experience of people who want to help.

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