Environmental statement

Getting outdoors is part of the ethos of Dementia Adventure and therefore it is very important to us that we do what we can to look after the environment.

We recognise that our activities can have direct and indirect impacts on the environment so we seek to conserve natural resources, reduce our carbon footprint and waste, protect the environment and prevent pollution. We aim to continually improve our environmental performance.

Sustainable transport

We aim to reduce our carbon footprint by limiting our travel. Hybrid and remote working reduces staff commuting. We organise online meetings and encourage train travel or vehicle sharing. The majority of our family carer training is delivered online, reducing the need for travel. We recruit locally based volunteers, and where possible staff, to reduce travel to our Dementia Adventure Supported Holiday destinations.

Efficient use of water and energy

We have energy-efficient offices, with underfloor heating. We turn off lights when rooms are not in use and shut down devices after hours. We source energy-saving appliances when replacing electrical equipment.

Responsible purchasing

Where practical, we use environmentally friendly suppliers, procuring goods and services from sustainable sources and materials and using local suppliers to reduce transportation distances. We use environmental credentials as criteria for assessing potential suppliers.

Minimising waste

We strive to be a paperless office, keeping printing to a minimum and storing documents on the Cloud. We aim to keep food waste to a minimum on our supported holidays by using suitable storage containers and using surplus supplies on subsequent holidays.


We recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, tins, glass, clothing, batteries, ink cartridges, electricals and IT hardware.

Use of non-toxic products

We use biodegradable cleaning products in our offices. We are eliminating the use of plastic on our supported holidays, i.e., using refillable water bottles and using paper sandwich bags.

Sustainable funds

Our Workplace Pension scheme invests in sustainable funds. Our charitable reserves are held in an Ethical Investment Fund.

Raising awareness with staff

We believe that reducing our environmental impact is every employee’s responsibility, so we raise awareness with employees of environmental issues and the environmental effects of their activities. We encourage our teams to embed this policy in their own work and continually look to develop what they do in this area.

Encouraging others

We encourage other organisations, particularly those working in the environment and conservation sector, by supporting their volunteer training and retention schemes, enabling their older volunteers, including those with dementia, to continue in this vital work.