Visit Woods

Dementia Adventure delivered a number of successful partnership projects with the VisitWoods teams at the Woodland Trust in England and Scotland from 2011–2014.

Below you will find two of the primary legacy resources which were produced through this partnership. We hope you find them helpful in supporting people with Dementia to enjoy outdoor activity, whether this be specifically in woods or other natural locations.

Neil Mapes and elderly couple at the woods

Woodland Celebration Day

For this film of the Woodland Celebration Day, which took place on the 24th July 2012, we convened 77 people—including 38 people living with dementia—who enjoyed a day of activity out in nature blessed by the sunshine.

Thanks go to Alzheimer Scotland’s Facing Dementia Together project, to members of the Scottish Dementia Working Group and to the VisitWoods team for making the whole day possible—and for providing every participant with their own tree and goodie bag! An individual with dementia said “I loved seeing it all…sun on my skin for the first time in ages.”

Wood if we Could

‘Wood if we Could’ is a guide to enabling groups to benefit from visiting woods, complete with group leader templates.

enjoying flowers in the woods