Adventure Supporter

What does an Adventures Supporter do on a holiday or short-break?

Assist and support one or two people living with dementia and their carer(s) to ensure it’s beneficial to their wellbeing. You’ll be:

Adventure Support assisting with holiday

It’s a privilege and a pleasure to volunteer and support clients on holiday, so rewarding and uplifting!

How much time will I have to commit?

We ask for a willingness to support us for the duration of one of our 4 or 5 day holidays or short-breaks a year. You’ll get plenty of notice about upcoming dates. We also require some of your time before the holiday to prepare and after the holiday to debrief on events, this will be over the phone or by zoom.

Where will the holidays or short-breaks take place?

The holidays are various locations around the UK as featured in our holiday programme or where guests choose to visit if they are on a tailored holiday. We will expect you to travel to the holiday location. You can claim for any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses.

You get back just as much as you give. Even more! It’s a delight to see the happiness on people’s faces and to know that I have helped to make a difference.

What are the personal benefits?

Lady and Volunteer at Table IOW

What else do I need to know?

Volunteers are required to:

To find out more about volunteering, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

Overwhelmingly rewarding. I felt in fact privileged to have been afforded the opportunity.

What are the personal benefits?

After my 3rd holiday I understand why no holiday is every the same as each group of people is so different but the one consistent is that the holiday won’t be possible with out everyone of us supporting it. Great to be part of the team and confident that these holidays have really been thought out.

What skills and attributes do I need?

Volunteering and Covid-19

At Dementia Adventure, we appreciate our volunteers and we will do our best to take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of everyone. During the pandemic, we are asking volunteers to: