A bespoke solution: Dementia Inclusion at National Trust sites

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Dementia Inclusion at National Trust sites

The Damsons Pilot, launched at Peckover House and Gardens in Wisbech in 2022, was a collaborative effort involving the National Trust, Dementia Adventure, and the Alzheimer’s Society. This project aimed to create a community group for people living with dementia and their carers, transforming the purposefully refurbished Reed Barn into a welcoming space. Here, individuals could relax, gather information about dementia and nature, and connect with others who understand their experiences. This setting provided not only a source of information but also a supportive community, allowing participants to engage in meaningful conversations and activities.


One participant expressed the collective sentiment: “We can all talk to each other. I didn’t realise dementia was so different for everybody, but it’s also similar. We all have the anxiousness bits. It’s good to be able to talk each week, and the routine of knowing that we’re coming is invaluable.”


The Damsons Pilot’s connection to the wider Peckover House and Garden site was integral to its success. Rather than being isolated, members enjoyed the same beloved heritage experiences as other visitors, fostering inclusivity and shared enjoyment of the space. This integration was crucial, as it allowed people living with dementia to feel part of the broader community.


The overwhelmingly positive feedback from the Damsons Pilot prompted the National Trust to expand the initiative. They commissioned a specially designed resource pack to help other National Trust sites create their own dementia-inclusive spaces. This pack, developed with the expertise of Dementia Adventure and the Alzheimer’s Society, equips these sites with the tools and knowledge to welcome people living with dementia as valued visitors and contributors, extending the project’s reach and impact.


In essence, the Damsons Pilot at Peckover House exemplifies how thoughtfully designed spaces and community-driven initiatives can transform the experiences of people living with dementia and their carers. By fostering inclusivity and providing supportive environments, the National Trust, Dementia Adventure, and the Alzheimer’s Society have set a powerful example for others to follow, ensuring that more people can benefit from dementia-inclusive spaces across the UK.

Our vision is for a more active and fulfilled life for all people living with dementia.

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