Is it Nice Outside?

Dementia Adventure led this national partnership project concerning dementia and the natural environment.

The report (published on 11 March 2016) highlights how engagement with nature and the great outdoors could be improved for the benefit of people living with dementia and their carers.

50–60 people living with dementia and 100–125 family carers were consulted regarding their activity and engagement with nature and the outdoors. The results of this consultation revealed the motivations and barriers to accessing outdoor spaces and gives us an invaluable insight in to how we can help more people with dementia continue to be active, get outdoors and continue to do the things they love.

The report, ‘Is it nice outside? — Consulting people living with dementia and carers about engaging with the natural environment‘, was commissioned by Natural England who have previously worked with Dementia Adventure to publish the ‘Greening Dementia report‘. The consultation process was delivered by the Mental Health Foundation and Innovations in Dementia.

sitting on a hill enjoying the view

Dementia Adventure is really pleased to share the results of this partnership project which builds on our previously published research. We hope it will be beneficial to people and organisations across the UK and encourage people to read and share the research report and take action on its recommendations. Is it nice outside? For many people living with dementia and their family carers the answer is yes, people want and need to get out into the fresh air, to walk, be near water and watch and listen to the birds. The fact that these simple outdoor pleasures are not equally accessible for some of the thousands of families living with dementia is another reminder for us to work across care and conservation boundaries and implement the solutions contained in the report.