A picture of Catherine smiling at the camera.

Meet the Team: Catherine

Meet Catherine, our wonderful Head of Adventures, in charge of our breaks for people living with dementia and their carers!

A view of a lake with mountains in the background.
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The Benefits of Connecting with Nature

The benefits of nature are well-documented and widespread; here’s why connecting to nature is so vital for anyone living with dementia.

Margaret and Brian sitting on a boat together.
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Worth Every Penny

Margaret and Brian’s Story Margaret and Brian were introduced to Dementia Adventure by their daughter, Carol. Speaking about their holiday to the Isle of Wight in September, Brian says, “The …

Red and white flowers on a windowsill in Buxton.

John Carter: Short UK Breaks and Their Unexpected Bonuses

We asked Dementia Adventure Ambassador John Carter what he thinks is the best thing about holidaying in the UK. As it turns out, our small island nation has a steadfast appeal even for the most veteran globetrotters!

Sue and Andy sat on a wall together.
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The Importance of Staying Active

Andy and Sue have always loved the outdoors. When Andy received his diagnosis, they were determined not to let it stop them from going on adventures.

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Nature Boxes: Bringing the Outside In

When going outside becomes difficult, don’t give up on interacting with nature! Instead, bring the outside in by making a nature box.