Seasonal Greetings to you all…

Wiching you a merry Christmas!

On behalf of Dementia Adventure, this is just to send seasonal greetings and blessings to all our partners, supporters and volunteers. Like everyone, for the second year running we are looking back on 2021 and saying, “Wow, it’s been quite a year!”

And yet, despite all the challenges thrown at us, almost miraculously, we are able to look back with gratitude as we see all that has actually taken place.  Even with travel restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic, we have still managed to run 25 supported holidays with 78 individuals benefitting from getting outside and enjoying nature – both those living with dementia and those that love and care for them, often 24/7. For many, it has been eye-opening and life changing. 

The Dementia Adventure team were exceptional and I couldn’t have hoped for more. They gave us the confidence to see that nothing was impossible and we achieved things I had thought were impossible.”  – Supported Holidaymaker

Over 2,500 people have benefitted from our training sessions – again, providing a real eye-opener and some much needed encouragement for so many.  Research continues to show the positive impact of venturing outside and finding ways, however small, to engage with nature, and we are delighted to contribute to that evidence.

Personally, I am saying, “Wow, what a year!”  It genuinely has been an absolute privilege to take up the reins as the new CEO of Dementia Adventure and work with such a fabulous team on a cause that is so close to my heart.  With a new three-year strategy in place, we are excited about the plans for 2022 and beyond but we can’t do this without you!  So, thank you for all your support and we look forward to continuing the journey with you and you with us.

A very happy Christmas to you all!

Fiona Petit, CEO

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