Happy New Year!

Pathway to the Dementia Adventure office, with a rainbow over it.

From the team at Dementia Adventure to you.

When we asked the Dementia Adventure team what the New Year meant to them, we kept the question open. The answers we got demonstrated how different each individual on the team is, while at the same time how similar human beings are in terms of their core needs and desires.

From having children head off to university for the first time to planning a grandparent’s 80th birthday party, each team member has different life landmarks coming up, different events to prepare for, and different ways of getting ready for them.

We were keen not to forget the year that’s just gone by, and to celebrate past achievements as well as give ourselves the time and space to first consider, then move on from things that have been difficult. In looking forward, there was lots of talk about the potential that the new year brings, talk about change, hope, and new beginnings. 

We also shared the feeling that part of preparing for the New Year involved recharging our batteries. In getting ready to take on new challenges and fulfil new dreams, a crucial part of the preparation process is getting the chance to rest. To our team, this makes sense – one of the cornerstones of our supported holidays is giving both people living with dementia and their carers the opportunity to take some time out from everyday pressures and relax in one another’s company. We know that doing this often improves life overall, too.

Looking Forward

Looking at Dementia Adventure’s future in 2023, we’re feeling really energetic and hopeful! Some of the hopes teams members have shared for next year are:

“We’re a small charity, with a mighty team and huge ambition. I feel really excited about our plans to reach and support more families living with dementia than ever before.”

Jules, Communications Manager

“Our mission and values are stronger than ever. Alongside our objectives for the year we WILL reach more people living with dementia and their carers, directly and indirectly and that makes my heart sing!”

Debbie, Head of Training, Research and Consultancy

“I hope that even more people will hear about Dementia Adventure and feel as passionately about the difference we make for people with dementia and their families as the team at DA.”

Kath, Head of Communications & Fundraising

“I am hoping to continue to grow our reach in empowering carers by delivering our Understanding Dementia Better sessions. The more people we can share our message with the better we can support people living with dementia to live well :)”

Ruth, Programme Leader, Training, Research & Consultancy

“I hope we continue changing the mindset of society around dementia, to improve the lives of more people living with the condition and their families.”

Lee, Fundraiser

We’re excited to continue working together to grow and support more people than ever before, and everyone is very positive about our ability to do it successfully. And as our Head of Adventures, Catherine, summed up very nicely, we’re looking forward to continuing to “see each person for all they are and can be.” After all, once you’ve met one person with dementia, you’ve met – one person with dementia. That’s always been a core component of how we treat each person we work with.

So from us to you, a very Happy New Year. We’re so excited to continue our journey with you in 2023.

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