Today, I will … discover new possibilities

Today, I will .. discover new possibilities

The first day of spring is a vivid reminder of the cyclical nature of life. It encourages us to reflect on the beauty of new beginnings. It also shows how important it is to live in the present. But for those of us living with dementia or caring for someone with dementia, it can be difficult to enjoy the moment. The challenges of everyday life, the sadness of times gone by and the worry about times that may never come, can weigh heavily.

But in the midst of all of life’s challenges, nature often finds a way to encourage and help us to find joy in the simple things:

“Needed to go searching for Spring today

After all the rain and the snow

Just tiny glimpses of what’s to come

Is all I wanted to show.”

(~Wendy Mitchell 2020)

Glimpses of the changing seasons can renew our hope. They fill us with anticipation. They are a testament to nature and the resilience of the human spirit. We look for beauty and hope even when our situation seems unmanageable.

But just when we feel encouraged, life often gets in the way again. It reminds us of its fragility, usually at unexpected times.

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Last night, I watched my clumsy nine-month-old cat accidentally break a bowl I had made when I was younger. I was immediately overcome with sadness, even anger. I had long forgotten about the bowl, but I treasured it. It symbolised a piece of my past. Memories, experiences and moments were linked to it.

The broken bowl had changed forever. It was a loss. But only the physical object. But the essence of what it represented, this part of my life story, of course, remained unchanged. It takes strength in a moment to see it for what it is, to realise that it forms a new part of the story, rather than destroying the story that came before.

Let us welcome Spring today, whether the sun shines for us or not. Let us support each other when life twists and turns in ways we did not expect or choose. Let us focus on today’s story, not yesterday’s or tomorrow’s. Let us find moments of joy and hope wherever and whenever we can.

Today, I will … discover the possibilities …

And what about you? What will you do today to celebrate the beginning of Spring?

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