How One of Our 30-Minute Consultations Could Benefit Your Organisation

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Are you interested in creating inclusive outdoor or nature-based experiences for people living with dementia?

Dementia Adventure’s 30-minute consultations give professionals the chance to find out whether working with Dementia Adventure is right for them.

Who are our 30-minute consultations for?

Our consultations are for anybody looking to create a service that aims to connect people living with dementia with nature, or for those who already provide a nature-based service and want to make it accessible to people with dementia.

In the past we’ve:

  • Helped care homes curate a programme for connecting their residents to nature.
  • Worked with green space organisations to create a set-up that’s accessible to people living with dementia.
  • Advised charities on how to integrate nature experiences into their existing programme of support.

What are our consultations for?

To explore whether working with Dementia Adventure could help you achieve your organisational goals around creating inclusive outdoor or nature-based experiences for people living with dementia.

We can offer:

  • Training for your staff
  • Consultancy
  • Creation of organisation-specific toolkits and resources
  • Project evaluation
  • Research partnership

How will you benefit?

You’ll receive expert advice on how you can make your ideas or project practicable and an explanation of what we can offer to help you achieve that, so you’ll find out whether working with Dementia Adventure is going to be the right thing for you.

Our vision is a world where people living with dementia have frequent and meaningful access to nature, so even if it isn’t the right time for a partnership between us, we’ll signpost you to other organisations or resources that could help you.

What happens during a 30-minute consultation?

Our 30-minute consultations take place over video call, set up by us.

You’ll speak with one of our expert team and share your ideas, potential projects, or challenges you might be facing. We will help you to think about what steps you would have to put in place to successfully implement your idea or project, and what Dementia Adventure can offer to help you fulfil it.

In the same way that we see each person with dementia as an individual, and not a diagnosis, we see every organisation as unique. We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’. Our promise is to listen first, and then work with you to identify opportunities and solutions specific to your organisation.

Who will you speak to?

Our training team includes:

  • Deborah — Head of Training, Research and Consultancy
  • Gordon — Programme Leader, Training, Research and Consultancy
  • Ruth — Programme Leader, Training, Research and Consultancy

Each one is an expert in their field, with years of experience working with people with dementia and in learning and development roles.

How can you set up a 30-minute consultation?

Just get in touch and let us know that you’d like to book a consultation with us! You can do this via our online enquiry form, by calling us on 01245 237548, or by emailing us at

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